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Broad Institute, 2019

Overview of the Drug Repurposing Hub

New drugs can take more than a decade to get to market. But what if we could take thousands of drugs already approved to safely treat disease, as well as other compounds that have been studied as potential drugs, and find new uses for these old medicines? That is the mission of the Drug Repurposing Hub, an open-access repository of more than 6,000 compounds, many of which have been FDA approved.

Sci American
Scientific American, 2020

Old Drug, New Tricks: Existing Medicines Show Promise in Fighting Cancer

Dozens of compounds approved for other purposes can kill cancer cells selectively

Drug Hub
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 2020

Anticancer Activity Discovered in Dozens of Existing Noncancer Drugs

Globe 2020
Boston Globe, 2020

Could a drug for arthritis in dogs also fight cancer in people?

That’s one of the possibilities raised by Mass. researchers who found potential new uses for nearly 50 medicines that aren’t now used to treat the deadly disease Article
ACS image
ACS Chemical Engineering News, 2020

Large screening strategy uncovers dozens of non-oncology drugs that kill cancer cells

Repurposing noncancer drugs could shorten clinical development and jump-start new drug discovery

Newsweek image
Newsweek, 2018

New Tricks for Old Drugs: What's Already in the Medicine Cabinet Could be the Next Cancer Treatments

It costs $475,000 per patient to treat childhood leukemia with the cutting-edge therapy Kymriah. But what if a cancer drug could be had for pennies a day because it already existed?